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Give your garage a gorgeous floor that lasts

We are the leaders in applying epoxy garage floors and understand that
while you may want the durability and other benefits that come from
our products, you want the ability to customize your look and steer
away from our garage or area looking like a mechanic.

With more than 55 colors to choose from as well as four finishes and
the ability to customize your floor with logos or other options, you are
sure to find something that perfectly suits your needs. Low odor, low
VOC's paint means that you will be back in your space quickly without
having to wait for it to air out.

Products and Uses

If you're looking for an amazing finish an incredible durability
that will outlast all other competitors and epoxy products, then
you will want to contact us. The coatings that we apply are
suitable for most every application that you can think of, and in
addition to incredible durability, offer fast clean-up, a clean look
to update your space, and traction for your vehicles.

Some of the amazing uses for our products include locker
rooms, garage floors, medical offices, hospitals, aircraft hangers,
educational institutions, and even shower stalls and pool decks.
No matter your need, we can meet it.


Our products are USDA approved to be used into
food procession plants, including meat and poultry.
You won't have to worry about your floors wearing
when we use our paint and finish your dealership
floors and greenhouse floors.

Product and uses


Industrial Strength
Industrial Strength
Easy To Clean
Chemical Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Professional Install
Professional Install
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The Process

This process is straightforward and due to the skill of our teams, quick. Your new garage
floor will be installed in just a day or two and last for years, with little maintenance.

  • list

    Preparing and inspecting the floor is the first step in our process
    to make sure
    that the final result is up to our standards.

  • listOnce the floor is clean it will need to be profiled to ensure a good bond
  • listThis is followed by another cleaning and then the epoxy is applied.

  • Before-image 1
    After-image 1
    Beforeimage 1After
  • Before-image 2
    After-image 2
    Beforeimage 2After
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    After-image 3
    Beforeimage 3After
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    Beforeimage 4After

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100% COMMITTED to you!

As our customer, you are the most important part of the equation. We want to make sure that the floor of your dreams is what you'll end up with, and we stand by our work to ensure that you are completely satisfied. From picking exactly what kind of look you want to enjoying our 15-year warranty, we're sure you'll be happy with your experience.

Since we understand exactly how to prepare the floor, which products to use, and have the best trained installers available, we can stand behind our warranty sure that you will be thrilled with the result.


Our products are guaranteed to not only last
longer, but wear better than our competitors.

We are your one-stop shop for everything you need to ensure an
amazing finish on your new epoxy floor. Sanders, surfacing machines,
and paint are all available for purchase, or you can join the numerous
happy customers that we have who enjoyed the all-in-one service
that we provide.

Gone are the days of the customers having to paint themselves
- we offer a full painting service that will leave you happy with a
long-wearing floor.

Most Technically Advanced Materials

Because we're the leaders in the epoxy floor sector, we have made sure to use the most technically
advanced materials possible in our floors. These materials make it so that the finished product is
incredibly durable with a tensile strength of 3,900 psi. Not only are our floors strong, but they are also
easy to clean. Brooms, mops, or paper towels will all take care of any dirt that may accumulate, and our
floors are protected against microorganism growth for your safety and health.

Gone are the days of worrying about scratching or peeling on your floor. Our advanced materials
keep your floor glosses, anti-skid, and looking new for years to come.

Contact us for an estimate if you want to learn more about getting
an amazing, glossy, easy-to-clean garage floorin your space.

With any number of applications, these floors can be used to make almost any space
cleaner, safer, and easier to keep safe. We offer a smart solution that will fit your lifestyle
and your space, no matter what you do in there. You'll never have to worry about your
floor again, and if there ever is damage, you can count on us to repair it quickly.